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Cryptocurrency appeared not so long ago, and in 2017 there was a record rise in its rate. It was during this period that cryptocurrency trading platforms began to be created. They can carry out various operations with digital currency. And among them, one can single out the CoinTiger exchange, which for the first two years was popular among retail and large traders. However, the volume of its sales gradually decreased, but the exchange still continues to work, it receives new customers.

What is CoinTiger Exchange?

The founder of the CoinTiger cryptocurrency exchange is an entrepreneur from China Jiyuan Bao. It was he who was able to assemble a team of local specialists who quickly promoted the platform. The official launch took place on November 15, 2017.

CoinTiger is an exchange where various cryptocurrency transactions are carried out. It is similar to Forex, but only digital tokens are used on it. The platform works using a stock market model – the latest developments of the Tokyo Stock Exchange are applied.

At the initial stage of operation, the CoinTiger exchange was able to raise money through an initial coin offering (ICO). This is similar to crowdfunding, when people invest in a company early on, help it make money, and collect the first profits.

CoinTiger currently has a daily turnover of more than a billion dollars, which confirms that it is the largest trading platform for altcoins.

Exchange advantages

The CoinTiger Trade platform has received positive reviews that can be found on the Internet in many forums. Experienced traders and beginners conduct trading operations on it.

Among the advantages of the CoinTiger exchange are:

  • Reduced commissions. On the site, when conducting various operations, small commissions are charged – only 0.1% from each transaction. Withdrawing money is paid. Withdrawal fees are constantly changing, depending on the market value of the coins;
  • Possibility of additional earnings. Various events are periodically held on the platform, and thanks to them you can earn free coins. There is also a referral program;
  • Investment in ICO. This exchange is known for the fact that it often lists promising new cryptocurrencies at the stage of their ICO completion;
  • High security. The CoinTiger exchange has been repeatedly attacked by cybercriminals. And in order to protect customers, the protective measures against hacking of accounts, accounts on the platform have been tightened;
  • Own wallet. For the convenience of customers, there is a wallet from the exchange. But if you want, you can use third-party applications.

A review of the CoinTiger exchange shows that this platform is quite reliable and in demand. You can make good money on it by conducting various transactions. It allows you to use cryptocurrency for trading and investing.

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