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A token is considered to be a unit of account, which is not a currency. The main function of a token is to replace a security. Relevant in the world of digital currency.
What is wrapped? This is the token that represents bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain. Only it cannot be called bitcoin, it is a separate token.

Operating principles

The main company of the wrapped token is BitGo. It officially opened in 2013. The country in which the main office is located is California. Provides fund insurance services, provides secure, cold storage facilities. All assets are well protected, carefully checked by special services.
A token can be managed not only by its owner, but also by the community of a decentralized autonomous organization.
WBTC is a cryptocurrency whose price is pegged to the market.

Application of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be used to pay for specific services, purchase real estate. You can buy currency on the trading exchange. You can also carry out sales transactions there.

Advantages and disadvantages of the token

First, consider the benefits of wbtc cryptocurrency and token:

  • All financial operations and transactions are available to users. All transactions can be tracked on the official website page. You can immediately see tokens, trading pairs.
  • With the help of a token and the corresponding cryptocurrency, you can earn a good profit.
  • It is used as a tool for borrowing decentralized funds. Despite the minimal risk, it brings a good income.
  • Significantly reduces costs for translations.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Security is possible, but depends entirely on the network. The circulating network must be reliable, then the token will be completely safe.
  • It is impossible to convert back to BTC, even in case of emergency.

Where is the cryptocurrency stored

Cryptocurrency is stored in a special electronic wallet. The list of coins is constantly growing, available for withdrawal, input, deposit replenishment. In order to start storing funds in your wallet, you need to simply register and authorize. After that, the wallet becomes available to users. Each user receives their own unique e-wallet address, which is not available to others. All transactions are fully protected, since everyone who takes part in transactions undergoes mandatory verification.


In conclusion, we can say that the token and cryptocurrency are quite reliable and safe, but a lot depends on the network in which they circulate. But in general, both experienced traders and beginners can get a good profit with this cryptocurrency.

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