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Vindax Cryptocurrency Exchange


Vindax Cryptocurrency Exchange

General information

VinDAX crypto exchange – was launched in 2019. The platform was created by Vietnamese (which is very interesting) experienced stock brokers with experience in the exchanges of Southeast Asia, incl. Hong Kong, Japan and China. As a result of the intensive work of managers, this trading floor has reached the expected high trade turnover. Over the past six months, the average daily trading volume is about $ 95-100 million.

Vindax exchange is a platform popular among traders in Asia, the Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, India, Ukraine for trading cryptocurrencies and coins with its own native VD token or Vindax coin , which allows you to save on trading fees. Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Tether, Ripple XRP and dozens of other cryptocurrencies and coins are available for trading on the exchange. The list of traded cryptocurrencies (165 cryptocurrencies) is regularly updated due to the open listing.

Commissions below the market average – initially 0.1% at the first (zero) trading level for (buyer) taker / (seller) maker. In addition to the web trading terminal in the browser (TradingView platform), the exchange has a mobile application (iOS).

The financial policies of this exchange are cited as a major advantage. It does not have a minimum deposit, but there is a minimum transaction volume for each asset traded. Commission fees do not depend on the trading volume per se, but on the number of VD coins in the account. At the initial level, the commission is fixed at 0.1% for the taker / maker.
Two additional advantages of the exchange are the already mentioned VD token and its forum community. The native token has significant trading volumes and can be used to make money, as an investment or functional crypto asset. In addition, when trading the VD token, exchange clients receive additional savings on commissions. For example, at the first level, the commission with a sufficient number of trading VDs will be 0.08% instead of 0.1%.

Market specialists have not yet identified any glitches, errors or vulnerabilities in the exchange. It has a modern security system, expressed in multi-level encryption (based on ERC – 20 ERP-20 protocols). 2FA authentication serves as a reliable protection against fake accounts and fraudsters. The exchange fulfills its obligations to customers.

General characteristics, trading conditions

To start trading on the exchange, you need to go to its official website and go through the registration and verification processes, which are no different from most cryptocurrency exchanges. Some exchanges require a certain minimum deposit to access all of the exchange’s functions. VinDAX does not have such a requirement. But you will have to deposit funds in any case, since there is a minimum transaction amount for each asset. For example, for a BTC / VD pair, this is 0.1; and 0.001 for BCH / USDT.

Vindax exchange does not offer leverage. This means that customers can only use their own funds. The technical support of the platform is assessed as efficient and competent. It is available through the ticket system on the website, but it is easier and faster to contact the specialists on duty via Telegram. In Telegram, technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technical support is available to users in many languages, including Russian.

  • Trading platform: TradingView (built-in)
  • Client account type: standard
  • Account currency: only crypt for now
  • Deposit / withdrawal options: bank cards, compatible cryptocurrency platforms and crypto-wallets < / span>
  • Minimum deposit amount: 0 (none)
  • Leverage: no
  • PAMM – accounts: no
  • Trading spread: up to 0.1% of the order amount;
  • Traded instruments: cryptocurrencies
  • Margin call / stop – limit options: – no
  • Liquidity pool provider: none
  • Mobile trading: yes
  • Affiliate and affiliate investment programs: no
  • Bonus programs and trader contests: yes
  • Registration: Vietnam
  • Official site ( Vindax crypto < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> exchange) – https: / /

Exchange commissions and fees

The standard trade commission is 0.1% for both buyer and seller. This is a no-discount commission for a beginner with a zero trading level. The trading level is determined by the number of VD tokens that the exchange client has accumulated or has in his account. There are 4 trading levels (including zero):

  1. V.D (zero deposit level) – 0.1% / 0.1% for the seller / buyer;
  2. 1 to 50 thousand V.D – 0.09% / 0.09%;
  3. From 50 thousand to 100 thousand VD – 0.08% / 0.08%;
  4. From 100k to 200k VD – 0.07% / 0.07%.

With active trading in the native token, you can get an additional discount. Taking into account the discount, the size of the commission will be 0.08% of the zero level; 0.07% at the first level; 0.06% at the second level; and 0.05% at the third level.


Cryptoexchange Vindax review , which was given in this article, can be recognized a platform convenient for trading cryptocurrencies for traders of any level. The platform has a low entry threshold, easy verification, no minimum deposit, and low start-up fees. The size of the commission does not depend on the trading volume, but on the number of VD tokens on the client’s account. Considering that the trading platform has been working steadily and transparently for 3 years, and also the fact that the crypto exchange Vindax reviews 80% have positive in social networks, it can be recommended for cooperation.

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