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cool cats nft reviews

Cool Cats is an Ethereum-based project that’s essentially a collection of 9,999 NFTs depicting

bunch of cute cats. All of these cats are randomly generated from more than 300,000 features, and each of them has a totally unique outfit, face, and headdress. Every person who owns their own Cool Cat enters the community and becomes eligible to receive occasional airdrops.

The past and the present

Cool Cats NFT is a brand-new project — it was launched in July 2021. However, it has gained a lot of momentum since the release, and now it is viewed as one of the most promising NFT-related projects by both its users and many crypto experts. The price of the cats has skyrocketed accordingly, going from 0.05 ETH to more than 1 ETH in just a week from the sales start.

The average price of Cool Cats on secondary markets is slowly continuing to grow even now, and you may expect to pay about 15 ETH for even a common one. And the rarest cats are sold for as much as 300 ETH or even more. By the way, a couple of words about rarity: Cool Cats differ on the coolness scale. The majority of them is «cool», but some may be cooler.

Each of the coolcats is rated from 3 to 10 on the scale. The distribution looks like this:

  • 3 points of coolness — 1,999 «cool» cats;
  • 4 points of coolness — 2,600 «cool» cats;
  • 5 points of coolness — 1,750 «wild» cats;
  • 6 points of coolness — 1,250 «wild» cats;
  • 7 points of coolness — 1,000 «classy» cats;
  • 8 points of coolness — 750 «classy» cats;
  • 9 points of coolness — 500 «exotic» cats;
  • 10 points of coolness — 150 «exotic» cats.

There are also 66 cats that are considered «super rare» that look not like the bulk of them. But most of the NFTs follow the same blueprint: all blue, dressed in a silly costume, making a face and wearing some kind of funny hat. Of course, matching items (for example, a pirate hat with an eye patch) are cooler than random combinations. And cooler cats tend to cost more.

The future

Now that we know what the project is about, let’s talk about its future. The roadmap goes all the way to Q2 2022 with various additional features planned along the way. Even the quickest overview shows that the developers are serious about adding content to this little game. Every owner of a cool cat NFT will have access to future events, and the devs promise to redistribute 20% of raised ETH between the community members.

Cool Cats NFT reviews also show that people are generally fond of it. After all, you get a cat you can do anything with, and there’s also a chance to extract some profit and have fun. What is there not to like? Hurry up and get yourself a cool cat before they cost more than you could ever imagine. Soon the breeding feature will arrive, and Gen 1 cats will probably cost a fortune.

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