XT Crypto Exchange Overview

XT cryptocurrencies

The digital asset trading company was registered in the Seychelles in 2018, but the main office is located in Hong Kong. The exchange is focused on the Asian market. The language bar is wide, the Russian version is of poor quality, the terms are often distorted, so it is better to use the platform in English.

Varieties of trading on XT

XT Wapta supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and over 300 trading pairs. More than 3 million participants are registered on the platform, 300 thousand of which conduct transactions every month.
Attracts users the opportunity to trade in different forms. Exchange XT offers trading:

  • spots;
  • futures;
  • fiats;
  • borrowed funds;
  • contracts.

Particular attention is paid to trading with leverage. The first leverage is interest-free, the network service fee is minimal. There is a variant of over-the-counter trading – the P2P section. There you can buy and sell currency outside the market, but the service is suitable for one-time transactions and has volume limits.

How to increase income

You can earn income on XTcom passively by opening a deposit account. The maximum percentage (24) offered for staking Tether stablecoin, the minimum amount to open an account is 100 USDT.
In XTro reviews, miners “praise” a separate Pool platform where they mine Ethereum. The second way to increase a digital asset is to place tokens in Pool liquidity. Miners hold the specified currency for a certain time and receive a percentage for this.

Commission fee

To exchange cryptocurrencies, the method is Standard Spot. Even a beginner can figure out what an XT exchanger is, the menu is clear.All transactions are carried out through Limit Order and Market Execution orders.
XP service reviews speak of another advantage – a fiat gateway. It allows you to use credit and debit bank cards when replenishing. But if you use it for a purchase, the commission fee is deducted to the provider.
But the XP review showed that there are commission discounts. You can get them like this:

  •  conduct monthly operations of the specified volumes – from 0.1 to 8 BTC;
  •  using a personal referral link to bring new customers – 1-102.

Transaction fees for makers (0.050%) and takers (0.200%) are different, as evidenced by XTexno reviews. Assets are stored on cold wallets, which increases their security. If wallets are replenished, no commission is charged. But there is an XP transaction fee, which means you have to pay a fixed amount for each currency.


Users of the XP exchange are satisfied with low commissions, a variety of trading and cryptocurrencies, and high liquidity. You can read reviews about XT Group and see for yourself. But the participants do not like the lack of an internal exchanger and the mandatory verification.

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